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Military Law

Military personnel have unique needs when it comes to needing representation. They need someone who knows how to handle cases both on and off military installations.

Criminal Charges

Stackhouse, APC fights for service member rights in court against:

  • sex offenses
  • drug pops
  • BAH fraud
  • assault
  • homicide
  • other military law charges

A service member can face charges out in town (civilian court) in state or federal court or on base through the military criminal justice system. The charges can be brought at the same time, they can piggy-back on each other, or can be brought in one venue or the other. The bottom line is that service members need an attorney who is familiar with, and comfortable with, appearing and fighting in all of these courts.

We understand that charges in the military can affect service members far more severely than “just” a conviction- they can also result in the loss of benefits earned by tireless service and a discharge rating that can impact your ability to move forward into the future.

We are also familiar with opportunities for service members to be represented and participate in some of San Diego’s specialty courts such as the Veterans or Military Diversion program, if appropriate.

Personal Injury

Service members who have been injured through no fault of their own (unrelated to their jobs) can sue the third-party who hurt them. Stackhouse, APC understands that physical injuries can impact your ability to get promoted, to perform on PFTs/PRTs, and includes ensuring that TRICARE receives subrogation for the costs of treatment. We are able to help you navigate both the personal injury lawsuit, as well as military demands so that your career does not suffer.

For injuries caused during service related activities and while on active duty, service members used to be unable to bring lawsuits because of the Feres Doctrine. That changed in December 2019 when President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which now allows for service members to make medical malpractice claims against the government. For 2020, service members may bring a case relating to malpractice occurring as far back as 2017. From 2021 on, the statute of limitations to bring a claim will be two years from the date of the malpractice incident.

Administrative Hearings/Submissions

Stackhouse, APC fights for service member rights in administrative proceedings such as:

  • security clearance boards
  • boards of inquiry
  • administrative separation boards
  • discharge upgrades
  • nonjudicial punishment

Government Contractors

Contractors who offer services to the military have certain rights. Stackhouse, APC is here to help ensure that you receive all of your due- process rights before you are stripped of a position, debarred, or lose a contract.

Past Results

  • Premeditated murder charges dismissed and Executive grant of clemency for MAJ Mathew Golsteyn.
  • Filed Deficiency Letter on admin board results which resulted in the service member retained and receiving an honorable discharge.
  • Case dismissed for a service member facing hazing charges.
  • Service member retained after noticed with a general administrative separation.
  • Service member retained after drug pop, with no misconduct found.
  • Service member retained after finding of misconduct for fraternization (between same sex, different branch marriage).
  • Saved former service member from life-long sex offender registration by clarifying with the State that the discharge offense is not a crime outside the military (consensual same-sex activities).

Stackhouse, APC offers free consultations. Call 760-224-5226 for a free consultation up to one hour. Your consultation can be done in person or over the phone. We also have the ability to work via Skype or FaceTime for a one-on-one feeling, even if you can’t come in.

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